Glow Christmas

Let me share with you my experience and photos from Glow Christmas with my boyfriend and his cousins. I was beaming with joy the entire time because I have always been a fan of Christmas activities, and every year I try to enjoy as many festive activities!

You can get your tickets at for discounted rates and to avoid lining up in the cold weather. Plus, I also like that at the front page of their website is a calendar that contains information you need to know about Glow Christmas and if tickets are still available. Get them fast as they sell out! Also note, they are open until Dec 30th.

Once we entered, it felt so magical because of all the lights they have setup. There’s a Santa Claus by the Christmas tree ready to take photos with your family, Christmas songs from musical tunnel light, which changes color depending on the song. It’s a photography heaven for somebody like me that likes to take photos as there are so many cute and unique layouts. Also perfect for people who easily get cold, because it’s all indoor! We enjoyed taking pictures, running around the light gardens. There’s a Christmas market, food trucks and a bar!

I enjoyed the whole experience. My boyfriend made me laugh a lot, as you can see in our bubbly photos! This was actually the first time I took out my new Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art. I really enjoyed shooting with it around the light gardens. With the low aperture, it produced beautiful shots! It definitely produced amazing shots in the light garden, a definite must have when shooting in a field of x-mas lights!

Photo credit to: Ron,Rina and I (mica)