Sofia and Cory

~Photo shoot~

This world is made of infinite combinations and permutations. Therefore, finding your match is one of the best things in life. One does not simply obtain a perfect match just by simply meeting “the one.” It requires building your love for each other and maintaining that relationship till the end. After spending an evening capturing Sofia and Cory’s engagement/save the date, I can see how loving, positive and friendly they are to each other. You can feel the love in the air and it gives such positive vibes! I enjoyed capturing their moments because it was easy to capture them “in love.”

~Post Production~

This has been the fastest I have edited photos. I continued to use the VSCO pre-sets for these photos and altered them accordingly to fit the mood of the photo. On later photos, I opted out of the VSCO pre-sets because the photos during sundown contained limited light. The pre-sets provided did not portray the mood I wanted. So let me share with you a sneak peek of Sofia and Cory’s photo shoot.


Mica MijaresComment