Introducing at 7 lbs 3oz , Kai Alonzo!!

It has been almost a year since I last posted, my apologies for being MIA. A lot has happened in the last year. I will update everyone with all that has happened in the next blog post. For now, let me introduce the newest member of my family. Everyone, meet baby Kai Alonzo! Congratulations to Ate Hannah and my cousin Kuya Ian on their first!

I miss doing newborn photos, I was excited to start this project. I was evaluating my past newborn projects and decided to start investing on new props to keep my vision for new born photos more exciting! If you enjoy my work, please don't hesitate to contact my email and I'll gladly capture the special moments in your life!

Here are some of the new items I recently purchased from amazon. To be honest, some inspiration came from the amazon stock photos. Seeing how the wraps were used, were very interesting. Definitely out of my comfort zone as you try and shape the babies posture, but practice makes perfect! Also, I wasn’t afraid to go all out on my nephew, it would be a different scenario if I didn’t know the baby as much. Nonetheless, here are the items I purchased.

The first item is a butterfly pillow. It helps adjust the posture of the baby. Instead of a completely flat bedspread, one can overlay blankets over the pillow to give the baby a snugger posture. I had to insert a bag of rice in the butterfly pillow as it was not filled in enough. At the end of the day, baby Kai sat comfortably on the pillow, and it wasn’t too straining on him!

Next item I purchased were coloured baby wraps. I ordered the brown and navy blue colours specifically. These are flexible, light and soft texture that won't irritate the baby. The wraps help cover the diaper of the baby and allows us to change the posture of the baby. Not all babies want to be wrapped, in our case, we used it as a prop to cover baby kai’s diapers. Some photographers shoot the baby in nude, a bit more difficult as newborns have no control over their bladder!!! In our case, we used the wraps to accessorize and cover parts we don't want the camera to see.

My number one advice to parents whom are interested in having their newborn photos taken, please keep the room warm and toasty. Most of the photos taken involve having the baby in nude and/or wrapped in thin blankets. Having a comfortable baby, will prolong the amount of time we have for capturing more moments! I would highly suggest working around the baby's schedule because they are the star of the photoshoot, so we can try to aim for best condition and time when taking their photos.

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