Mica Mijare's recent Clients


Newborn Liane Ibbie

Liane newborn photos, Kuya Nes and Ate Ariane's assistant chef in the making!

Newborn Kai Alonzo

My nephew, Kai Alonzo's newborn photos


Jaime's 7th Birthday

Jaime's Fairy themed 7th Birthday Party

Florence and JC's engagement photos

Florence and JC's engagement photos out in the wild [Hope]

Engagement-Florence and JC-MicaMijaresPhotography-96.jpg


Dell and Rina's baby gender reveal

Dell and Rina Doria's baby gender reveal, it's a ----? At Dell and Rina's Residence [Langley]

Doria Familia 2017 Photos

My boyfriends (Doria) family photo of 2017 at the Doria Residence [Surrey]


Glow 2017 with Dell and Rina

Dell and Rina's engagement (jk!) photos at Glow [Langley].

Newborn Lyanna's Photoshoot

Newborn Lyanna's photoshoot at Mariano's beautiful family home [Surrey].



Mariano's Family Photoshoot

Mariano's family photoshoot at Tynehead Park [Surrey].

Riley Faith's Photoshoot

Baby Riley Faith's Pre-Birthday shoot at Bear Creek Gardens [Surrey].


smallfile-AriaFirstBday-micamijaresphotography (25 of 195).jpg

Aria's 1st Birthday

Baby Aria's 1st Birthday [Surrey].

Sofia and Cory's Save the Dates

Sofia and Cory's photoshoot done at Whytecliff Park [West Vancouver].

Aria's Photoshoot

The following photoshoot was done in Bear Creek Park [Surrey] and Stanley Park [Vancouver].