Second Year Anniversary Trip

Note: Tons of Pictures in this post and I’m loving it so please put on your favourite road trip music and enjoy the ride. Literally most of the images are taken inside the car to take you with us for our adventure.

As a photographer:

I’m the type of photographer who likes to be in control of the light, composition and color of my images in short camera settings. So yes I shoot manual most of the time. It just freaks me out thinking the image didn’t turn out the way I want it to be because a certain setting is determined by my camera. ( yes we all have preferences and I respect it) I still use other settings but for this trip I tried new stuff and really enjoyed it without being paranoid of how the images turn out because it’s a time to relax. I borrowed a friends Nikon 20mm F2.8 FX lens using Nikon D750 also to make it a real deal I used Aperture priority for the entire weekend getaway. Having my first take with prime after so long is my cherry on top because it is light and everything I would need for low light, hike and a whole day of sceneries around me in the beautiful British Columbia. I would love to talk about it more but I will save it for now so hit me up if you want me to share more about my experience.


Anyone who’s looking around my blog would by now would think I’m doing something different this post. I’m experimenting to be more free, worry less to what I’m going to share whether images, information or experience. It is still a working progress but I hope I can get close and find something in common with you. Plus on a era where social networking can make miracles with my introvert personality kicking in it feels its binding or stopping me at times to share and just be real because of so much worries but I will be posting and posting until I make it to my goal.

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